Monday, 26 April 2010

2007 redraws

I was digging around my folder today and came across my Kingdom Hearts files from late-2006/2007. I used to be incredibly proud of these sketches - I remember drawing the Roxas one in Thailand and trying to place it where it would be most visible. (ie. subtly showing off) about embarrassing

I also discovered that I need to learn how to draw upper arms.

characters (c) Square Enix / BVG


  1. Hi , great work. Pleased to meet you

  2. Your improvement is very impressive and inspiring.

    (lol 3 'i' words :'D)

  3. Oh! Thank you so much to both of you (Hence72 I'm sorry, I didn't see your comment before!)

    and haha very nice assonance there kagstar :P i'm really glad to hear that there's been some improvement :)


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