Wednesday, 21 April 2010

playing catch-up

Maybe I'll just kickstart this place again with a bunch of sketches and things from the past few months (very roughly chronological order - the ones near the end are around 1-2 weeks old). All are resized - click (or right-click->View Image for some of them) to view full size.

Note: These are mostly sketches and incomplete works; the majority of my finished work is in my deviantART gallery (there are a few pieces in the scrapbook too). I'll update my own portfolio site soon, hopefully.

Some experimentation with shapes and "looser" drawing

Pokemon (c) Nintendo/GameFreak

Experimentation with shapes and sketching on top of very basic lines (see blue)

Still life done in my backyard among all the insects

Toothless (c) DreamWorks Animation

Ruffnut & Tuffnut (c) DreamWorks Animation

does anyone ever eat Russian sushi. DRRR (c) Narita


  1. who's that girl you drew?? is it a self portrait? and and the still life issososososo good! do more of them coz i like looking haha!
    and i love watercolours?
    and and and and i've never been to melb zoo, who are you going with?
    i'm planning to go to titanic exhibition at museum soon though hahahah!

  2. which girl?

    haha I love watercolours too but I'm terrible at them; the still life is coloured pencil! The tablecloth was a pain to do though

    I've only been to the zoo once aaages ago but I'm going with a non-school friend and hopefully we won't get too many stares!

    oooh I didn't know there was a titanic exhib.. they always have really interesting things at the museum but I never end up going haha

    thank you!! :D


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