Monday, 7 June 2010

the elevator don't go to the top floor

I really should know how to draw violin-playing but obviously I don't! Next time I'll remember to look up reference pictures.
character (c) Himaruya

Some character design challenges but I just drew what first popped into my head without stopping to consider actual designs - it kinda defeated the purpose but was super fun anyway. :)

Photos were taken personally in Nice (France) and Salzburg (Austria).


  1. *7* Cool the first sketch!
    AAH, THE THIRD IS IS SALZBURG! *__* I love this city! Is the city of my dreams, sigh </3

  2. ah thank you very much!!
    YES Salzburg was amazingly pretty, and it was also the first place I ever saw snow ;; I can imagine why it would be your dream city!


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