Monday, 26 July 2010

joka vatsassa vääntyi silloin

I'm pretty sure I was paying more attention to the costumes in the A Man For All Seasons play rather than the dialogue.

They look like newlyweds beside each other like that. :') ...But they're siblings, so they're not getting married.

I bought a Pentel Pocket Brush pen from (and it arrived amazingly fast with an equally amazing shipping price). Though I don't know how to use it properly yet, it is, in short, amazing!

I made these the day before the World Cup final (good times!) I'm not sure why I made them, but I love seeing them every day! And I ended up cheering for both the Netherlands and Spain in the final

Aaand that's all


  1. an update :^)

    like i said before, i really like these characters! they're cute! haha

  2. indeed! and thanks heaps haha I really appreciate it :) I should be working on my portfolio now..


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