Saturday, 21 August 2010

omatunto anna minun olla

I think I decided I'm not pursuing art in uni next year and now I have far too much time! what do I do with it... and I also realised that I forgot how to draw :') Suddenly fanart this song came on while I was drawing this ehe

There might have been a little frustration here. I find action poses 10000x easier than static ones but it still didn't help my art block

My hair is even more unmanageable than this shortly after a wash. (+Tegaki E progress stuff)

Nice book, Finland... the perspective/anatomy on this is probably all wrong ahh
Totoro was for my sister but I don't think she's even going to use it haha and I hate putting watermarks on my work too, I'm sorry.

I did this in February (read: when it was actually relevant) but for no reason at all I thought I'd just compile it. I only put in the frames that I drew over, so it probably won't make sense unless you've seen the original ad.


  1. I gotta say that song is just warming haha :--)
    You're good at animating ! Have you studied it?
    HAHA Finland how cute "moi" , "hei" :---D

  2. It's so sweet aha I love hearing covers in other languages <3
    Ahh I haven't studied animation but this was basically just tracing so it didn't require any skill!

    Finland is reading a very intellectual book, clearly :') (it was the first thing that came to mind, in hindsight I could've made it the Kalevala or something /actually/ intellectual..)

  3. I thinks still it's wonderfull cause I'm very bad with that kind of think haha ;-;

    Could put childrens Kalevala; "This is Louhi. She's bad." :--)

  4. aw thank you haha ;; I never have any patience to finish anything, but you should try one day!!

    And oh man asdfj I totally could've!! Next time I'll put that ahaha :D


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