Friday, 13 August 2010

päästäkää minut pois kalliosta

I've kinda hit an art slump and I'm feeling pretty inadequate about my lack of creativity, and time is running out... aah (not to mention I just found out I have pretty severe anaemia and vitamin D deficiency h-haha how am I even functioning with those sorts of iron levels)

I don't think I like Aleksi's colours much, I'll need to keep experimenting

I need to do another one of these because I don't think this one is good enough for RMIT... I'm so nervous about getting in to the course, 30/500 is a crazy acceptance rate! It's either that course or science, pretty much.

An attempt at making her look somewhat decent...

Aaaand have some animations! The first one was from last summer (I posted it here before as a gif but I added a few extra frames) and the second I did yesterday in Photoshop just for relaxation \o/

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