Thursday, 30 September 2010

ja maailma on sun

Studying is terrible asdf you would think I'd be getting a lot done in the time that it's taking me but I get so distracted...!


I can never draw Finland's hat-thing seriously what is it even orz it always ends up looking like a deflated mochi...

Some requests for people that I took to de-stress a bit

Redrawing something (oh man Denmark's face)... the red undersketch here is from last year but I should've just redrawn the whole thing because it was hard as heck to work off an old sketch
...and then I lost patience anyway asdkfh

Some books from the library & a copy of the Kalevala that I bought haha...

I got distracted by a handwriting thing aha that's all


  1. Gotta love flowers over battling FIN oh my..

    Your finnish is very good if you have studied without courses of anything! Mahtavaa, jatka samaan malliin! :--)

    You got wonderful handwriting btw!

    "luulen käsialani.." there suppose word ETTÄ in middle like; "luulen, että käsialani.."
    rest is right!

    suomenkieli- suomenkieLTÄ
    I'm clapping for you, all the rest are right! (Hopely I don't sound like teacher hehe)

  2. Finland always sparkles flowers :') (but not really)

    My handwriting is terrible when I get lazy.. which is 99.9% of the time asdf but thank you!

    Oops! I always seem to leave out the 'että' haha ahhh and I get partitive wrong too! But noo no kiitos paljon!! I really appreciate it thank you thank you it's really encouraging to hear that :D

    /writes 'että' on forehead to remember

  3. I still think your writing is pretty :--) My own is so terrible haha

    Glad I help you feel!

    Well, I always forgot "the" word while writing english :--)

    I think your writing is nice though! and as long as people can read it it's all good, right?

    maksan samalla mitalla hahaa!

    I'm happy if you like it hehe well, yeeh, it really matters in the end :--)

    and back :')
    I don't know if it's the same there but doctors (and music examiners) have completely illegible writing here, I think /that's/ bad handwriting heh
    But sometimes I wonder how handwriting styles form.. I mean mine is totally different to my family's and friends', it's odd!


    Well yeah it is same here too! I have always wondered why only hey got that kind of wiritng..
    I gotta say my writing is pretty similar with my mom! She got prettier and little curlier, but she also use straight big letters when writing.. And my oldest brother and oldest sister got exactly same handwriting and their looks like my dads, it's VERY tiny and fast-written-looking! So I don't know is this only in our family but C-:
    But It also is quite neat that one of my friends are twins, but they don't have similar writing style!
    Maybe there's some kind of science about these things..?


    Haha universally bad handwriting, strange..
    Oh really!! That's really interesting, maybe it's just my family that has different handwriting :o I'll have to ask some of my friends and perform some handwriting analysis ohoho

    I looked it up and it seems to be a very guided process? Apparently teachers show children different handwriting styles and the child "chooses" how they want to write, but I don't remember ever doing this haha it was just natural...


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