Tuesday, 2 November 2010

först kom ingenting

It's been over a month since I last posted, oops! I'm in the middle of my final exams so I haven't had much chance to draw until recently. (..actually on hindsight there's actually a bit more than I thought, maybe my "study" wasn't as productive as I hoped)

I found a kid-sized dufflecoat in my wardrobe and stuck a belt around it h-haha my fashion sense... it was 32oC degrees yesterday ghhhgh it's nowhere near summer yet

I forgot to finish colouring his face .. oops. It was only meant to be a sketch but I got a little distracted

Stuff I wore during my final celebratory week of school (we had dress-ups...) except this looks nothing like me (and neither do the two other images up there)

Some of my favourite colours/combinations

^^^^ These four are from early October. I'm trying to relearn how to draw Finland haha but I can't ever draw characters the same anyway so idk if there's a point

Hahaha I study well, clearly :') Aleksi, a Finland-looking thing, and 'normal' Aleksi - I feel I should make proper characters one day

I have absolutely no consistency and can't even draw my favourite character, hurrah. Someone teach me how to draw /stuck in artistic pit

So ugly asdf ~*harmony*~ harmonyohlove

I had such a LotR obsession as a kid. Relevant: http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/7969/314654.jpg Though I think Iceland should be the Grey Havens considering where The Shire is and idk why Rivendell is in Lothlorien

I'm like Wile E. Coyote vs Road Runner Akraseena ahaha sooo slooooooooowww and I'm pretty sure my art regressed this year. (... I wasn't drawing on the back of notes again, what are you talking about)
Also! Jadesoturi was on TV a few weeks ago and I just watched it - I actually really enjoyed it! Even if it was a little confusing. I really need to not draw on a slant/real people I'm sorry

From the dates you can see how "often" I drew but I have more time now which is why there's more here than I thought there would be (read: I'm procrastinating)

I'm fairly certain this lane doesn't exist but I wanted to draw the Cathedral

Oldish photo - I don't think my back or my maths practice exams were too happy at this oops

......this wasn't my idea I swear ok that's all /goes back to study


  1. Nice to have you back! 'u'
    also I like your fashion sense!

    And that USAvsFINN makes me think this :-I;

    I got same problem charaters starting look different everytime.
    Have I earlier said that Aleksi is charming looking ! :--)
    ohoho I have to use that TSH map haha!

    andwhat HHAAHA :__D oh god this is battle! should we just make this tie? Everyone is fast in their own style
    Jadesoturi is quite wonderful, but it said that china hated it and finland didn't know how to react :_) Personally I liked it (and there is my favourite finn actors), but it may not open to everyone..
    (and I find it quite interesting that so much is same in east with finno-ugric folklore (especially with finnish, karelian, veps etc)

    You have cute carpet c:

    Now I'm off

  2. hey hey thank you!! I can't wait until Monday when I'll be free~

    And oh fff I never saw that, trust Colbert to comment on that list, huh? those Americans

    I think you're pretty consistent in your sketches actually! and thank you though I don't know what I'm doing with Aleksi ;;
    and yeahhh you should haha I went all starry-eyed when I saw the map - I love stuff like that *-* (don't worry I figured out what you meant aha I didn't post any other maps here! ..I don't think.)

    nooo I still bet I'm 100x slower but okay okay I suppose I can settle for a tie..!
    I thought Jadesoturi was really well-made, especially for being on such a low budget! and weaving the stories together was really interesting and daring, though I imagine it'd get pretty mixed reactions from China and Finland which is a pity (it was kinda cool hearing them speak each other's languages) Oh who are your favourite actors?? :o I hadn't seen any Finnish films before this one, or at least not that I'm aware of

    also the rug is from Ikea haha just like nearly everything in my house :')

  3. Counting days ~!

    oh those americans... I'm happy that we don't have oil so they will not come here :--)
    I mean the charge..

    haha yeah, hopely ;-; Is he just charater or do you have some secret projects you don't show in public ;--)? (I noticed after commenting h-haha jipii)

    Well, you just have to come in Finland in exchange year and we will have tournament.. Until then...

    Most of the finnish films have made in low budget. We are tiny after all :_)
    China didn't like our spelling (and it is quite horribly) but they weren\t any better at finnish! Well, from that film Tommi Eronen ja Markku Peltola! WHAT I thought you have watched some \cause studying finnish...!
    (well I find it easier listen pronouncing in movies than other sources, i have been watching estonian movies lately)

    Here is so trailers to semigood finnish movies;
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyC5MMbQCQg&feature=related (civilwar movie)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jcKVsrgslM (horror but not so scary)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SQaVr0sfJA (japanese/finnish movie, there is Markku Peltola in this too!)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dow9SRj9A0g&feature=related (about wonderful relationship between fin|rus|lapp)
    You don't ask them, I GIVE THEM STILL.

    IKEA<3 we just IKEA to near us so I will have lots of stuff from there in my new home !

  4. yeah!! two more days now!

    haha Americans can be pretty awesome too though

    ahh he was part of a project for my folio but when I stopped working on my folio it kinda disappeared and I hadn't done enough research for it, so maybe I'll pick it up again later..!

    nooooo a tournament would be terrifying, I'd be even slower under pressure asdfkj but we can call it a tie until then :')

    haha well at least you have good films, from what I can see!! Australian-made things tend to be.... really embarrassingly bad (I'm not even going to mention our TV shows, they're just that horrible)
    aw I imagine it'd be hard having to sound fluent in a language in such a short time, it was nice they made an effort :)
    ehehe "ja" but ohh I really liked those two as well! and ahhh IknowIknowdon'tjudgeme I should have watched some already but I haven't had the time! They do seem good for learning though and I generally enjoy European films :)

    Ohhh those movies look really good (admittedly I'm pretty bad with horror movies even if they're not scary h-haha /wimp ) THANK YOU FOR GIVING THEM. Watching these is a job for summer!! :D

    me too, there's an Ikea about 5-10 minutes away and it's so good ;; I could just wander in that shop all day! And oh, did you move house? :o


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