Wednesday, 23 May 2012

fall into place

(before I forget, I [somewhat reluctantly] set up a Facebook page! Will figure out what to do with it when I find that elusive thing called time - suggestions are appreciated in the mean time!)

So my life is being consumed by life/uni/upcoming exams/organising exchange, oh gosh. But some exciting news! One of my pieces was just accepted into Ballistic Publishing's EXPOSÉ 10 which I'm super excited about. I was also invited to submit work to the Six Seasons and a Movie art exhibition and am trying to manage printing/framing/postage to California on top of everything else; on the way to Montreal (where I'll be living & studying for four months come September) I'll be stopping by LA to cry over look around CalArts and Art Center as well as drop by the exhibition. Also, both Digital Artist magazines (#31 and #32) featuring my articles/guides have now been published :) Also, I went to agIdeas (Shaun Tan!) and was probably more inspired than I should have been considering I need to stay focussed on very non-art-related studies at the moment. sigh Also, I've come down with a pretty bad cold which I hope all my lovely leukocytes et al will be able to suppress before exams in two weeks

...I'll post a better picture later haha
And some photos as filler, I guess

(there was another page but I didn't want to clog up this entry too much)

Business cards! ...yeah I really have nothing to show for the past few months oh gosh


  1. Your recent stuff is looking great, congrats on Expose and Digital Artist!

    How was Shaun Tan at agIdeas? What did he talk about? aah I miss almost-stalking him at various events in Aus XD

    & hey, you should come down to New York for a visit while you're over on this side of the world :)

  2. Thanks Rovina! :)
    Shaun Tan was awesome as usual haha, for someone who is and always mentions his shyness his talks are always entertaining! He started with an overview of his average day (letting the iguanas out etc heh) and then showed his progression of work from childhood (which I saw when he came to school) and went through some of his past projects; basically a general insight into his work & lifestyle. It was the agIdeas Futures event for high school kids so a lot of the talks were pretty much saying "it's okay to not know what you want to do" and giving insights into different industries including stuff like millnery & branding - being surrounded by all those year 12 jumpers saying "'12" on the back made me feel old haha but it was really inspiring and Shaun Tan was definitely the highlight!

    ...uh. Ramble aside, I have been trying to figure out customs/travel time/cost to see if I can squeeze NY somewhere in there! I'd love to visit, maybe pop by SVA too :)


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