Saturday, 26 January 2013

the corn crows come like rain

[edit 15.05.2013; I'm currently really bogged down by uni work and haven't had the time to update this! I do post fairly regularly on Tumblr, though due to lack of time I don't have a whole lot to show haha. Hopefully in a few weeks when the semester is over I'll be back here!]

So about that huge hiatus... I'm back from Montreal after my semester of exchange to McGill (and missing it like crazy). So I apologise for this relatively massive post. Apart from that.. I guess I also turned 20 today; I'm not sure how I feel about it because I hoped to be better at art by now buuut then I suppose it's an extra kick to really get my game on this year
I did manage to go to the Open Houses/portfolio reviews at Sheridan and Concordia for their animation programs; I know this place is kinda dead and I do have a list of pros/cons for both institutes but if anyone passing by has any info on either, that'd be great. :) Especially stuff about living in Oakville haha (though ideally I could speak French and apply for Cegep du Vieux Montreal sigh). Anyway, à bientôt!


  1. Beautiful sketches and paintings!

    1. Thank you very much! That means a lot coming from you.


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