Anneliese M., 22
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Australian; Sheridan BFA Animation 2014; Bachelor of Biomedicine graduate (U of Melb '13)

I've loved drawing for as long as I can remember - cliché, yeah okay - and though at times I (and others) felt art was detracting from the other parts of my life I've never been able to stop for longer than two weeks; something's always brought me back. My biggest goal is to grow some creativity haha tell & communicate stories through my work - I've got a really, really long way to go (...if I've even started) but I think once I begin to accept that my tendency to draw stuff is something to be nurtured instead of denied on the basis of its "fruitlessness," I can get there. So! As much frustration as it causes to me and everyone else here I am, still drawing dumb things and writing really cheesy things on an obscure blog on an obscure page no one is likely to read and dreaming of a career I actually enjoy - whatever that may be.

People: Shaun Tan, Jemma Salume, Nico Marlet, Heather Penn, Matt Rockefeller, Bobby Pontillas, Mingjue Helen Chen, Kevin Dart, Ashley Mackenzie, Sydney Long, Cory Godbey, Glen Keane, James Baxter, Tove Jansson, Pascal Campion, Charles Santoso, Brett Bean, Hasui Kawase, Alan Lee, John Howe, Dice Tsutsumi, Jason Deamer, Ciaran Duffy, Caravaggio, Mucha etc etc I'm not good with names

Things: Animation, illustration, travel, food, baking, scarves, listening to/playing music, 80s synthpop, rabbits, owls, cereal, mocha, pastries, yoghurt, ricotta, tea, pesto, avocado, not sleeping, curling up with blankets inside during a storm and this is not supposed to sound like a dating site description I swear
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